Mobile Marketing Trends

Using Text Marketing to Boost Revenue, Maximize Advertising ROI, and Promote Customer Loyalty

With Mobile Marketing Wiz, Ken Perry

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The explosive growth of mobile phones and other mobile devices has changed the way consumers shop for goods and services. And because of this phenomenon, mobile marketing has burst on the scene as one of the most efficient cost-effective and forms of advertising available today.

In this interview, Ken Perry – Executive Vice President of Urbanbirdy Mobile Marketing – shares his expertise on the benefits of using this powerful new medium to increase revenue, capture market share, and build customer loyalty. Hear Ken give compelling reasons why Mobile Marketing should be a key component in every business’s advertising strategy.

If you have been thinking about getting started with text/mobile marketing, but have not yet plunged in, then you will want to hear Ken present his case.


* Why mobile marketing is so effective in reaching target audiences …

* Which types of businesses benefit most from mobile marketing …

* Advantages of mobile marketing over email marketing (did you know that 97% of text messages that are sent are read, and 83% are read within one hour?) …

* How to achieve maximum ROI and redemption rates through text marketing …

* How to get started (with your first 100 text messages for free).

About the Expert:

Ken Perry is the Executive Vice President of Urbanbirdy, a mobile marketing company that specializes in Short Message Service (SMS) “text” advertising. The company is located in Beverly Hills, California, and services the entire USA.

Their web-based platform enables businesses to reach their customers, and other opt-in subscribers, instantly, directly, and economically, via a state-of-the-art mobile delivery system.

Contact Information:

Ken Perry
Executive Vice President

269 South Beverly Drive, Suite 700
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

424.204.9068 x210

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