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Using Facebook to Market Your Business and Build a Loyal Customer Following

With Facebook Fan Page Wiz,
Robert Hazelrigg

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Social media has revolutionized the way local businesses market their goods and services.  Years ago, ads in the Yellow Pages and the hometown newspaper were enough to drive a steady stream of traffic. With the rise of social media and online searches, consumers have traded in their bulky phone directories for Google, Bing, and the big social networks. Businesses that refuse to embrace the “New Marketing” have seen their sales decline dramatically.

So what is a small business to do to recapture that flow of new customers?  Robert Hazelrigg, Art Director and Social Media Expert has an answer: Facebook Fan Pages.  According to Robert, if local businesses want to compete effectively in today’s market, then they must jump on the Facebook bandwagon.  In this interview, you will learn:

  • The differences between a Personal Page and a Fan Page.
  • Creative ways businesses can use Fan Pages to generate sales and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Tips on setting up a welcoming and powerful Fan Page that will attract visitors.
  • How to draw “Fans” to your page and keep them engaged – so they will return often.
  • Robert’s biggest secret to connecting to his target audience (Hint: It’s not even business related!).

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About the Expert:

Robert Hazelrigg is an award-winning Art Director with 17 years of experience working with clients and advertising agencies. He is an expert in creating both print and web graphics, and specializes in designing unique, eye-catching Facebook Fan Pages for businesses.  His clients report remarkable successes in customer traffic and revenue increases.

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Robert Hazelrigg


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