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Business Strategies for Surviving & Thriving in a Recovering Economy

With Small Business and Tax Wiz, Salim Omar, CPA

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Attention Small Business Owners:

Be prepared for an EYE-OPENING, PROFIT-BOOSTING interview with an amazing guest. Salim Omar, CPA, is a prominent business advisor, tax expert, and author who teaches small business owners how to identify and capitalize on untapped profit centers. In this 45-minute discussion, Salim provides practical, easy-to-implement ideas and strategies to make the most of a challenging economy.

Listen to Salim’s interview and you will learn:

* Tips and strategies for business growth despite increased competition …

* How to analyze your company’s financial performance to uncover cost-reduction and revenue-enhancing opportunities …

* How much should you spend to acquire new customers and retain your existing customers …

* How to write off your children’s college education (legitimately!) …

* Strategies to minimize your tax liability and reduce your chances of being audited …

* How to reduce payroll costs while increasing productivity and service quality.

Most business owners do not realize that there are numerous legitimate, legal, and simple ways to substantially reduce costs and increase revenue. As an entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself and your business to hear “profit detective” Salim Omar share his expertise in uncovering hidden profit nuggets that can strengthen your bottom line.

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About the Expert:

Salim Omar is the rare accountant who guarantees success to clients who follow his advice. His education includes a unique blend of three financially-based accreditations: Master’s Degree in Accounting, Certified Public Accountant, and Registered Investment Advisor.

Salim’s professional background includes experience as a former Chief Financial Officer and, for the last 15 years, as a small-business owner in New Jersey. He is author of the popular book “Straight Talk About Small Business Success In New Jersey,” available in Barnes and Noble bookstores and on His articles appear in publications around the country in prestigious industry publications such as Accounting Today, The CPA Journal, and Wealth Manager.

Salim’s passion to help small-business owners succeed – and his personal business success – makes him a much-in-demand speaker, writer, and advisor. Salim also serves as a consultant and coach to other CPA firms nationwide to help them build and manage profitable practices.

Contact Information:

Salim Omar, CPA, MBA
President: The Omar Group, CPA
49 Cliffwood Avenue, Suite 200
Cliffwood, NJ 07721
(732) 566-3660

This interview is meant for informational purposes only, and the opinions expressed are solely those of the guest speaker. It is advised to consult a business advisor or tax consultant regarding any concepts discussed in this interview.