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12 Steps to Monetizing Your Passions

With Theatrical Wiz, Jade Greene

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Can you remember the day when you traded in your dreams for a salary? When you finally “came to your senses” and got a “real job”? While some people are fortunate enough to be able to make a living doing what they love, most people go to work for the sole purpose of generating an income.

Jade Greene is one of the exceptions who has never sacrificed her passions for a paycheck. Overcoming all family, social, and economic hurdles along the way, Jade built a career around her passion: Theater.

In this inspirational interview, Jade shares her secrets on how she avoided the 9-to-5 route and made a living doing what she loves. In Jade’s 12 Steps to Monetizing Your Passions, you will discover a blueprint for building a personally fulfilling career. Ready to be inspired? Click ���play” and let Jade take you though her journey!

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About the Expert:

Jade Greene has worked in the theatre business since graduating from Kean University in 1978. An original cast member of The Haunted Mansion, Long Branch, and the Skits-O comedy troupe, she has gone on to own and operate several small theatres in the Monmouth/Ocean County area, including Thalia’s Theatre in West Long Branch, The Jewelbox Theatre in Seaview Square Mall, and Cafe Theatre in Toms River.

Currently acting as Producing/Artistic Director of the Grange Playhouse in Howell, she teaches musical theater to kids during the summer at Ocean County College. Also a prolific writer, Jade has written more than fifty stage plays including HITMAN MURDER MYSTERIES, INTERACTIVE ROCK N’ ROLL FAIRYTALES, BILL W. AND FRIENDS, and THE VYRGYN AND THE VAMPYRE.

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