Overview and Interview Tips

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Let’s face it:  As business owners and service professionals we all want to increase our online visibility to attract new prospects and build confidence in our customers.  A well-planned online marketing strategy is the key to boosting business and gaining a competitive edge in today’s new marketplace.

VizWiz Radio was created to be an effective part of an overall online marketing campaign.  By using your interview properly, you will be able to reach new customers and enhance your expert status.


.Here’s how it works:

Each week, VizWiz Radio will feature an interview with a business owner or service professional to uncover valuable, practical, and needed advice relating to their specialties.  The purpose of the interview is twofold:  First, to provide great content to consumers, and second, to promote the expertise of the interviewee.

I am seeking a select group of entrepreneurs who have a lot to offer the general public seeking their services.  The subject and content of each interview will be compelling tips, hints, strategies, and advice that listeners can use.  The interview is conducted over the telephone, recorded, and then posted on the VizWiz Radio site.

My job as host of VizWiz Radio is to provide a forum where you can shine.  I structure the interview in such a way to make you look like a superstar. The format is light and conversational, so there is no need to script the presentation.  You will provide me with a general guideline of the talk, as well as questions you would like me to ask along the way.

Would you like to be regarded as an expert and leader in your industry? Then open up your vault and share your most valuable tips and techniques for consumers. Your advice will make it clear to listeners that YOU are the go-to person in your industry to get the job done right.

At the beginning of each interview, your quick, 10-second bio will be read, and at the end of the interview, your contact information will be provided.

Plus: You will be featured on your own personal page on VizWizRadio.com that will include your picture, bio, description of your interview, contact information, and audio interview.  In addition, your page will also include a link back to your website (to increase traffic to your site and make you more “searchable” in the eyes of Google).  This personal page is an extremely important feature, as you will be using this page to promote your interview and increase your visibility.

Important:  The TITLE and CONTENT of your interview must be compelling – or else why on earth would your prospects click to hear the information?

There are so many ways you can promote this interview to draw more people to your site and increase your expert status.  Here are a few:

  • Include a link to your personal page/audio interview on your LinkedIn Profile. As new connections review your profile, many will likely click on the page and hear your recording.
  • Tweet about your interview and mention it on your status on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Provide the link to make it easy for people to click to your page.
  • If you have an email newsletter, let your subscribers know you were just featured as the Expert on VizWizRadio.com!
  • Include a link to your private page on your website.

My goal is to load my site with incredible content and generate substantial traffic.  By featuring experts and promoting their services, everyone wins (the experts, the consumers, and the VizWiz!).  I offer a wide range of services to increase visibility for small businesses and service providers.  VizWiz Radio is my way of increasing visibility for my site.

And, as the interview archives grow, traffic to the site will increase exponentially, giving more exposure to your interviews and personal pages.

“I want in!  How do I get started?”

I am looking for two things from interviewees:  Great content and a solid effort to promote your interview.  Provide this to me and I want you as a guest on VizWiz Radio!

To be considered as a guest on the program, I need to know:

* The title, theme, and synopsis of your presentation.

* Your plan to promote your interview.

If selected, I will also ask you to provide a professional photo of yourself (for your interview page), and a brief bio (to be read as an intro and to include on your page).

Tips for Topics:

Think about some of the most common questions your customers ask.  What are their goals?  Their fears?  Craft a presentation that cuts to the heart of the result that they want when hiring you.

Do your customers want to save money?  Make more money?  Avoid pain?  Become healthier?  Reduce risk?  Live better?

Check out newscasts, online “teaser” links, even course titles offered at adult education centers like the Learning Annex.  The title of the talk should be compelling enough to make someone want to listen to the presentation.  Here are some ideas:

* Chiropractor: “Simple secrets to eliminate back pain and improve mobility”

* Wardrobe Consultant: “How to dress to look 5-10 years younger”

* Nutritionist: “3 foods that will enhance your energy and boost your sexual drive”

* Accountant: “Are you making yourself a target for the IRS? Tips to minimize your risk of an audit”

* Realtor: “How to sell your home in 30 days or less.”

Ready to get started?  Great!  Send me an email:

info@VizWizRadio.com with answers to the two questions:

* The title, theme, and synopsis of your presentation.

* Your plan to promote your interview.

I hope to be interviewing you soon!

Rob Mandelberg, The VizWiz