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Attention Business Owners and Service Providers:

Attract More Customers and Get More Sales

A Special Report is an irresistible offer that you provide to your target audience. It is a written report or audio file that contains valuable information that your prospects need.

  • Quickly Build Your Email Newsletter List

  • Cement Your Expert Status

  • Open a Dialogue with your Prospects to Win Their Trust

  • Position Yourself Ahead of Your Competition


Rob Mandelberg, The Viz Wiz


From the Desk of The Viz Wiz, Robert Mandelberg:

It’s a remarkable tool. Special Reports are a great way to capture the interest of prospects, establish a channel of communication, and inspire confidence in your abilities. If you are seeking a low-cost, proven way to attract prospects and convert them into paying customers, then consider creating a Special Report.

Let���s take a look at a very probable scenario:

.• A prospect in Springfield, Illinois, is thinking about hiring an accountant to prepare his taxes. After reviewing several websites, the prospect notices that each accountant offers identical services. They all seem qualified to do the job, but no one stands out.

• The prospect comes to your site and sees an offer for a special report on “What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Accountant.” All he needs to do is enter his email address, and a link to the report is automatically sent.

• The report is free, so the prospect has nothing to lose, and since he is thinking of hiring an accountant, he may as well check out the report.

As soon as the prospect enters his name to receive your free report, the battle for his business is practically won. Here’s why:

  • Communication is Established:

When the prospect signs up for your special report, he is also subscribing to your email newsletter. You now have a vehicle of contacting the prospect on a regular basis (weekly or monthly). Each time you send your newsletter, you have another chance to build trust and entice the prospect to choose you as his service provider.

  • Your Expert Status is Highlighted:

Each edition of your newsletter is packed with great advice, showing off your expertise. Soon the prospect will see you as the go-to person when he is ready to hire someone.

  • Competition is Eliminated:

There is no need to revisit the other websites when its time to make a decision. You have already proven your expertise and developed a trusting relationship by providing great advice on a consistent basis. As far as this prospect is concerned, you have earned his business.

And it all starts with a special report. This is the bait that attracts the prospect. Without it, you are just another service provider mixing in with the dozens of others in your town who are fighting for their share of the market.

Capture Clients by Creating an Irresistible Offer

The most popular special reports are written documents that are downloaded digitally. Your report can be as brief as 5 pages and as long as 100 pages or more. If you prefer, you can choose to create an audio report that can also be downloaded digitally.

You already possess the information that your prospects need. Reel them in by sharing your knowledge and establishing a connection with them. Once you entice them to join your community of subscribers, you are on a path to converting them into lifelong customers.

Let Me Create Your Special Report For You!

As a writer, published author, and internet marketing pro, I have more than 20 years of experience in creating high-impact informative and persuasive presentations. My expertise is in uncovering your expertise, and then communicating your value in professionally written presentations and audio interviews.

Your Expert Ideas + My Expert Writing & Interviewing = Your Special Report

Here���s what you get:

Package A: Written Special Report (Written in YOUR name)

➢ In-depth interview with me to plan your special report and newsletter strategy, identify the topic of your report, and uncover the information that will be contained in the document.

➢ Professionally written special report. You will have the opportunity to review and make changes to the draft before it is finalized.

➢ Professionally formatted document with cover page, contact information, and active links to your website within the report.

➢ PDF and Microsoft Word files.

➢ Marketing blurbs for you to promote your special report.

Cost: $125 per page for first five pages (minimum 5 pages); $100 per page for pages 6 through 10; $85 for each additional page.

Package B: Audio Special Report:

➢ In-depth interview with me to plan your special report and newsletter strategy, identify the topic of your report, and uncover the information that will be contained in the audio.

➢ Audio recording in an interview format (in person or over the phone). I feed you questions that are designed to show off your expertise. Each audio ends with a “call to action,” a path that your prospects can follow to take the next step in the process (usually a sales consultation or a signup for products or services).

➢ Stock music added before and after the audio recording.

➢ MP3 file for you to post, email, or host on a website.

➢ Marketing blurbs for you to promote your special report.

➢ See for examples of audio interviews. (Note: “VizWiz Radio” branding will not be included on your audios. Only your branding will be highlighted.).

➢ Featured ���Expert of the Week” on VizWiz Radio (VizWiz branded intro and music will be added).

Cost: $375 for (up to) 20-minute audio; $495 for (up to) 40-minute audio; $595 for (up to) 60-minute audio.


*** Did you know that you can use these very same products to create an additional revenue stream for your business? ***

Instead of using the document as a special report, you can sell it as an e-book.

And instead of giving the audio away for free as a special report, you can sell it as a digital download.

In fact, string together a series of e-books and/or audios, and all of a sudden you have a full-fledged home-study course that you can sell to your prospects and existing customers. Many entrepreneurs routinely sell these products ranging from $19.00 for a simple audio recording or small e-book, to hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands!) for content-rich systems consisting of audio instruction, workbooks, transcripts, templates, and other extras.

I am passionate about using special reports and email newsletters to build strong customer relationships, promote expert status, and increase revenue. Let’s brainstorm about how we can make a special report work for you and your business!

I look forward to working with you.

- Robert Mandelberg, The Viz Wiz