5 Surefire Ways to Build Your Email List

By Robert Mandelberg, The Viz Wiz

So, you’ve created your email newsletter and now you are ready to expand your subscriber base. As you probably have already discovered, your list doesn’t magically grow on its own. Let’s take a look at a few great ways to turn your budding list into a thriving community of eager prospects.

Because of anti-spam laws, subscribers need to willingly “opt-in” to your list, or give you permission to register them. And that’s a good thing. You want your subscribers to be willing and eager readers of your newsletter, and not just random people who never asked to be a part of your community. If your readers subscribe willingly, you will have a much higher rate of opens and a much lower rate of unsubscribed. Additionally, a strong list of willing subscribers will translate to higher sales.

So let’s look at a few great ways to build your list with qualified, motivated prospects:

* Signup Page on your Website: Toward the top of the home page on your website, include a signup form for your newsletter. This is an especially good idea because many visitors will arrive at your website by simply stumbling upon it. Even if they are interested in your company or services, there’s no guarantee they will return or even remember your website. By encouraging your visitors to subscribe to your free newsletter, you are opening the door to an ongoing relationship. You can gently remind them of your services, expertise, and website in your weekly/monthly/quarterly e-newsletter.

* Write a Special Report: A special report is a free, value-packed, digital document that provides essential information to your prospects. The topic is so compelling, that your prospects want to immediately get their eyes on it. And all they have to do to receive your report, is to simply enter their email address and subscribe to your newsletter. The report is then automatically emailed to them. Special reports generally range anywhere from 3 to 20 pages, and they are loaded with valuable information that your prospects desire. (see article on Special Reports and Funnel Marketing)

* Get email addresses of current and past clients: Tell to your customers that started a monthly email newsletter and you’d like to offer them a free subscription. Also suggest to your clients that they send a link to their friends and associates to subscribe to your newsletter.

* Mention your e-newsletter on all of your communications: This includes your marketing materials, contracts, and business cards. Also, be sure to mention your email newsletter on your email signature.

* Become active in social media: Discussing your newsletter on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter is a great way to generate buzz and increase your subscriber base. The more visible and active you are, the larger your list will grow.

Building your list is important; but creating high-quality content on a consistent basis is paramount. You may entice readers into subscribing, but you will never keep them if you don’t deliver. Focus on providing valuable information and you will keep your readers engages as your list continues to expand.

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