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Gaining online visibility helps you…

  • drive sales and profits
  • strengthen customer relationships
  • increase exposure to your target market


If you don’t have a powerful online presence, then your customers are passing you by!

The Viz Wiz gives you a powerful online presence.

A powerful online presence:

  • Makes it easy for customers to find you
  • Positions you an a subject matter expert in your field
  • Inspires consumer confidence and provides legitimacy for your company
  • Generates opportunities for networking, joint ventures, and media exposure
  • Catapults you ahead of your competition and helps you to dominate your local market.

But most of all, a powerful online presence increases sales and attracts more customers.

But how do you increase your visibility if you aren���t a techie, geeky web guru?

** You tell us to do it for you! **


From the desk of The Viz Wiz, Robert Mandelberg:

Dear Business Owner:

Have you embraced the “New Marketing?”  Or are you still using 20th Century methods to attract customers?

Over the past few years, consumers have ditched their Yellow Pages and turned to search engines to do their shopping.  Since that time businesses have been presented with daunting challenges and incredible opportunities to reach their customers.

Those who embrace the new media and unleash the power of the internet reap the benefits and enjoy increased revenue and a steady flow of new customers. Those who remain stuck in the old model of marketing watch idly by as their stream of new business slows to a halt.

Have you ever searched Google to learn more about a company or service provider?  You can bet that your prospects do as well.  And what will they find?  Ideally, your want your customers and prospects to see Google hits pointing to dozens (or hundreds!) of websites that portray you as an expert.  The new rule of thumb is:  If you do not have a strong Google presence, then, quite simply, you do not exist.

I create your personalized online visibility plan to develop or enhance your digital footprint.  This will increase your online exposure and credibility – while making it easy to be found by customers and prospects.

Here’s how:

  • Email Newsletters
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media Profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Special Reports
  • Audio Interviews
  • Blog Writing
  • Information Products

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